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Server rules
« on: June 22, 2018, 12:05:43 pm »
Server Rules

1.Staff have always right if you dont agree you can complain on boards

2.Sexistic language or commonly known as rude is not allowed behavior(also racism or discriminating some one for sex, race or origin)

3. Respect all users be nice, dont provoke(also means trolling)

4. On the server swearing is not allowed

5. Spamming(more than 3 lines in row) and advertising of other servers is not allowed also its not allowed to publish links on server except links for Alternative World MC(wiki, forums etc)

6.Publishing links to pornography or illegal stuff cause permban

7. Offensive words/Insulting other players is not allowed

8. Asking for anything in game(weather, items checking application) to admin is not allowed also spamming admin on PM about it

9. Griefing and stealing is not allowed on the server

10. Sending pointless reports and spamming at /helpop is not allowed

11. Cheating and conscious bugging/using bugs for own benefits is not allowed

12. Excessive auto-farms or redstone machines is not allowed as they lag server

13. Afking above 10 min is not allowed

14. Ban evading is not allowed and cause perm ban

15. Bugging trains and underground is not allowed and cause ban

16. When you joining server you do immediately accept rules above

17. Being unknown with rules doesnt make you an excuse to break them
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