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Board rules
« on: July 15, 2018, 02:42:25 am »
Board rules

1.Staff have always right if you dont agree you can complain on boards

2.Sexistic language or commonly known as rude/discriminating hating some one is not allowed behavior(also racism or discriminating some one for sex, race or origin)

3. Respect all users be nice, dont provoke(also means trolling)

4. Constantly swearing is forbidden.

5. Spamming amd flooding(writing many posts whoel time) is not allowed

6.Publishing links or just content with pornography or illegal stuff is not allowed

7. Offensive/rude nicknames is not allowed

8. Posting off-topic posts is also not allowed,.

9. Spamming on admin's PM is forbidden.

10. When you make account on boards you do immediately accept rules above

11. Being unknown with rules doesnt make you an excuse to break them
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