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Server's idea
« on: November 20, 2018, 10:00:22 am »
I played on many many servers but i think they are boring and then i beginned to think why? maybe because there is no purpose on server like minigames just winning  an single game in some battle royal or something if we take look on Towny its because you have nothing to do when you created your city and just building on on it i think its boring to do just 1 thing or if you are citizen you have not much to do when you finished your house in an city, Then i thought how to make an gameplay interesting for people so something happens everyday on server and its special and dynamic, I came to final form of server when except from building your city you can have factory be in like alternative world from In Real life you can vote protest if you dont get payed enough or when goverment do something what doesnt fit you. Trade with other cities i think this would be more interesting if something happens when you can do many things on server and many different things happend. And for cities do something that they have to talk with each other trade have political interests in each other conficlts etc. So its interesting and exciting to play. But then i realised that this is not possible without mods because normal vanilla minecraft does not give you too many opportunities. And now i'm working at it.

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