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Author Topic: [Tutorial] How to play on server using MultiMC  (Read 16 times)


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[Tutorial] How to play on server using MultiMC
« on: November 23, 2018, 08:20:36 am »
1.Step download MultiMC from website.

2.Run it and create a new instance

3. Name it how you want. I'll name it Alternative MC. And choose version 1.7.10 vanilla Minecraft on the list. When you are done click on Ok

4. Firth step is setting up virtual memory and installing Forge. Click on Edit instance and click on "Install forge"

5. Select

6. Go to the settings section

7.If u have not java installation checked and memory do it click on "Auto-Detect" button if MultiMC did not find your java installation.

8. Down in memory choose how much virtual memory you would like to dedicate to this instance we advise having min. 4GB

9. When your game is loaded close it, we just needed to generate some important directories.

10. Open instance folder and download server's pack from here

11. Move all files from RAR file to .minecraft directory

12. Close instance directory and RAR file, and click Launch on MultiMC the server's IP is: Enjoy! :)

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